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0001607Chrono Download ManagerEnhancementpublic2016-02-24 07:272019-11-12 12:22
48.0.2564.116 m
0001607: Please allow sorting of downloads.
The main reason I use a download manager is so I can queue my downloads and download them in a certain order. I was confused by the wording and had "Add download to top of queue" checked (I never heard of a queue having a top - those are stacks - queues have a front and a back). Anyway I had this checked and started downloading a bunch of videos. Then once the first file finished it started downloading the last file instead of the next one. This would easily be solved if I could sort the downloads by time added - but there does not appear to be that option.

This could also be avoided by changing the ambiguous "top of queue" to "front of queue" which I believe would be clearer.
Have "Add to top of queue selected" and download a file. Also try downloading a file without it selected and watch it populate the top of the queue (if you have not reached your max concurrent downloads) - that is why I had it selected in the first place - because I figured the top was supposed to be the back of the queue - that seems more logical than the top being the front.
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I agree that the "Add to the front of the queue" option is confusing--all this time I thought it would add my URLs in order to the top of the download manager list, however what I realized it was doing was reversing the order that it would download my pasted URLs. So if I had:

And I wanted them downloaded so that A was first, then B, then C, if I checked "Add to the front of the queue," it would download C, then B, then A. So confusing. I had to use a workaround for a long time until I realized that THAT was causing the reverse order.