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0001641Chrono Download ManagerBugpublic2016-07-09 09:302018-07-11 22:05
0001641: Second download prompt for the same file
I normally have the Chrono manager open in a pinned tab. After right-clicking a link in a regular tab and choosing "Download the link...", the Chrono dialog shows up as expected. But when I close that regular tab, the Chrono tab throws up another download dialog for that file.
This started sometime around the time Chrome 48 was released.

I looked through the extension code and tracked this issue down to a breakdown in communication:
* the menu action sends a message to Chrono to add a new download, and expects a response.
* The message receiver code does not send a response, so Chrome invokes the response callback when cleaning up during tab close. (This behaviour is documented by Chrome, Open in new tab says: "The sendMessage function's callback will be invoked automatically if no handlers return true or if the sendResponse callback is garbage-collected.")
* The response callback sees that it did not get a response, so it panics, logs a message to the console: "menu download no response", and tells Chrono to open the new task dialog again.

If this project had a repository with the original source code available, I could try and make a pull request to fix this.
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