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0001842Chrono Download ManagerBugpublic2018-09-19 06:562018-09-19 06:56
0001842: Random crash of chromium based browser Vivaldi after PC restart.

i know this is extention for Chrome, but im using it at Vivaldi browser at many PCs, mostly Win 7 64bit one time Win 8.1 64bit. On every PCs is a bug. After reboot of PC i cant start browser for first time, second try it will start, but with empty window (im using remember session setting). Its happening aprox. at 30% of cases.

Can you try to fix it or develop special version for Vivaldi browser please?

Sry for my english. :)
1. Install Vivaldi.
2. Install Chrome Download Manager
3. Use it.
4. Shut down computer
5. Start computer
6. Start Browser
7. Repeat from step 3

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