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0001844Chrono Download ManagerBugpublic2018-09-21 00:342018-09-21 00:36
69.0.3497.92 64-bit
0001844: [Issue] Batch download from one domain download in random order
I adding to chrono several hundreds links to the images and all are from same domain, but when it downloading it sometimes pickup images from a middle of a ordered list and that was an issue.
It was happen about every 10th or 20th download (not so frequently, but for a hundreds of download it a lot). If someone, like me have important to download it in order (because name of the file may be random (hash like MD5 or something else), in this cases modified date of the file is important to sort it later)
Open any image service, copy at least 50 links and try to download them simultaneously (if limit to download from one domain = 5, it happen frequently, if less, like 3, then it cause in a more rare case, but still)
batch, downloading
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