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0001830Chrono Download ManagerEnhancementpublic2019-06-08 11:38
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Summary0001830: Request when the file is opened.
After Crono has finished downloading, I run the file and the message: Open download?
Variants of answer: Yes and No.

How to remove this request to open a file, it really hinders?
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Chrome Version0.10.0




2018-08-13 13:14


Chrono Permission.PNG (5,062 bytes)   
Chrono Permission.PNG (5,062 bytes)   


2018-08-13 13:15

reporter   ~0000416

I believe the issue being described is that a confirmation prompt is shown every time you open a file using Chrono, which appears to be part of Chrome's security. I have attached a screenshot


2018-08-20 06:21

reporter   ~0000418

I do not think it is a Chrome security feature. If it was so, it would be overridable in Chrome's settings. It is definitely a Chrono bug since it does not appear with other download extensions (eg: "Chrome Download Manager - New Download Master")


2018-08-20 10:22

reporter   ~0000419

But the screenshot attached is the issue being described, correct?


2018-08-20 10:52

reporter   ~0000420

Yes, surely. It is very annoying. Nowadays I run two downloaders simultaneously to get rid of this message. I use Chrono's GUI, but I open the downloaded stuff in the other one. I wonder if I will get back a bug-free Chrono soon.


2018-08-20 12:01

reporter   ~0000421

The problem is not expansion.
The problem is in Chrome browser. The developers have added unnecessary functionality to anyone, allegedly for improving security.

I installed the Comodo Dragon. It is based on the version 67.0.3396.99.
Here there is NO this problem.
Extra windows do not appear.


2018-08-20 12:05

reporter   ~0000422

@lamar what is the other download manager extension, that seems to get around Chrome's security feature?


2018-08-20 12:33

reporter   ~0000423

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The downloader that has no problem is called "Chrome Download Manager - New Download Master"
(updated on 27 July).

I also realized that the problem appeared with Chrome-68. Nevertheless we cannot say it is a Chrome-68 bug. Please consider Chrome as a host and Chrono as a guest that rely on each other. Now assume that host changes the security policy. If most of the guests can handle this new situation except for only one guest, then we cannot say it is a problem with the host.

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