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0001889Chrono Download ManagerBugpublic2019-08-21 09:22
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Summary0001889: 2019-21-08 How to install Chrono Download Manager
DescriptionIt seems like the developers have stopped responding to issues, and the extension has been taken off the web store. I don't know why, there may be good reasons or dodgy reasons for the takedown.

If you still want to install it anyway, here's what I did after accidentally removing it:

Download the .crx file from here:
(use the crx4chrome server)
(you have to manuallu right click and save as.. otherwise chrome will stop you(

Follow this guide to install:
I found that I had to use 7-zip to extract the crx file, cos that website in step 3 wasn't working for me.

Enjoy... for now.
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