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    PID Monitors Notes Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  urgent0001886211 Bugmajornew2020-08-14Chrono Download Manager is not available in the Chrome Web Store
  high00018991    Bugblocknew2020-04-18Chrono Downloader Not Available in Google Chrome Webstore
  normal0001898  1 Bugminornew2020-03-20"Nimbus" can be damage "chrono"
  normal00018971    Bugmajornew2020-02-19File extension changed to .txt when using "download" HTML attribute on A element
  high000189411   Bugmajornew2020-02-18CSV downloading as txt
  high00018931    Enhancementminornew2020-02-18I Do Not want to get the chrome Notification " Allow Crono Download manager to open "file name"
  high0001896     Bugmajornew2020-02-04chromechrome网上商店不存在
  urgent0001895     Bugmajornew2020-01-26After Clicking do not show notification on the box that shows the downloading file, now i do not get notifications at all..
  normal0001861 1   New Featureminornew2019-12-29Does Chrono Download Manager auto resume broken or failed download?
  normal00018902    Bugminornew2019-12-29chrome 网上应用店 缺失
  high00018781    Enhancementfeaturenew2019-12-29Download Limit File Number Max 10K
  none00018921    Bugtrivialnew2019-12-24以下载连接打开chrome不被chrono管理
  high0001891     Bugmajornew2019-11-17Limitation of downloads per server is not working
  normal000160711   Enhancementtweaknew2019-11-12Please allow sorting of downloads.
  normal000184411   Bugminornew2019-11-12[Issue] Batch download from one domain download in random order
  normal00017211    Enhancementminorresolved (admin)2019-09-13Add translation for Portuguese(Portugal)
  immediate0001889     Bugmajornew2019-08-212019-21-08 How to install Chrono Download Manager
  urgent0001888     Bugmajornew2019-08-21chrono download manager is no longer available on chrome web store
  urgent0001887  1 Bugmajornew2019-08-14Chrono Download Manager is not available in the Chrome Web Store
  normal0001885     New Featureminornew2019-08-01Verify downloaded file with hash
  immediate00018841    Enhancementminornew2019-07-28طلب تعديلات
  high0001883     Bugmajornew2019-06-20无法打开下载管理器页面
  normal0001882     Enhancementmajornew2019-06-14下载后exe文件之后安全确认的问题
  high0001881     Bugmajornew2019-06-12Wrong Download URL!!
  high0001880     Bugmajornew2019-06-10the chrono downloader is not getting the last save folder of chrome
  high0001866681 Bugminornew2019-06-08Cannot open file by clicking item.
  high0001830471 Enhancementminornew2019-06-08Request when the file is opened.
  normal0001879     New Featureminornew2019-05-25可否下载url所指页面的同时,下载该页面内部所含链接的其它页面?
  normal0001877     New Featureminornew2019-05-09可否在浏览器按钮下栏菜单中直接打开已下载文件?
  normal0001876     Bugmajornew2019-05-07I am afraid the CDM won't download some hidden web elements.
  normal0001874     Enhancementminornew2019-04-24How to let my computer memorise the last saved folder?
  normal0001873     Bugmajornew2019-04-23Chrome hangs on launch
  urgent0001872     New Featureminornew2019-04-12批量下载会被网站屏蔽若干时长,建议增加每个下载任务的间隔选项
  normal0001871     Enhancementminornew2019-04-04download time
  high0001870  1 Enhancementtweaknew2019-04-02Cannot see filename of downloads in download-manager list
  normal00017231    Enhancementminorresolved (admin)2019-04-02Add translation for Swedish
  high0001869     Enhancementmajornew2019-03-13Unable to record the last download path
  normal0001868     Bugminornew2019-02-25無法記錄最後一次保存的路徑
  high0001867     Bugmajornew2019-02-24cannot open files via the manager
  high0001865     Bugminornew2019-02-20Unable to open files with popup drop down menu
  normal00018501    Bugminornew2019-02-09Full download notification
  normal00016281    Bugmajornew2019-01-23Duplicate URLs in queues are not identified
  normal00018641    Enhancementminornew2019-01-21Adding option to DISABLE pop-up hint about auto-cleanup starting in one minute
  high00018631    Bugmajornew2018-12-31Chrono not saving url from tasks in queue. So if tast fails, can't try to restart download.
  normal0001708 2   Bugminornew2018-12-14error message about Webroot
  normal0001862     Enhancementminornew2018-12-14The shortcut key command+m conflicts
  high0001860     New Featurefeaturenew2018-12-04希望增加配置导入导出功能
  high0001859     Bugmajornew2018-11-26Download fails from blob:/ data store
  urgent0001858     New Featurecrashnew2018-11-20download path
  normal0001857  1 Enhancementmajornew2018-11-20Can the download setting have silent mode


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