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    PID Monitors Notes Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  high000002861   New Featurefeatureassigned (devj)2017-01-15New multi-threaded download engine
  high00000151    New Featurefeatureresolved (devj)2017-01-09Automatically clear tasks
  normal0001672     Bugmajornew2017-01-09Failed download on 3G connection Shown as Complete in Chrono Download Manager
  normal0001671  1 Bugminornew2017-01-04Download notifications don't disappear or close
  normal0001670  1 Bugmajornew2017-01-03Download History won't show & Manager cannot be accessed.
  high000165011   Bugmajornew2017-01-02One-Click Download doesn't respect network rules
  normal0001669     New Featurefeaturenew2016-12-29Opening a file by clicking the notification for the finished download
  high0001667  1 Bugmajornew2016-12-11Download icon renders as HTML
  high0001666     Bugmajornew2016-12-05Program asks to save each file individually
  normal0001665     Bugminornew2016-12-04Downloads empty files from Fosshub Audacity site.
  normal000161011   Bugfeaturenew2016-12-02One-click download not working and dy_taskfilter Bad expression error
  normal000160834   Bugfeaturenew2016-12-02"One-Click Download the Image..." has stopped working
  high0001664     Bugcrashnew2016-12-01computer locks
  normal0001663     New Featurefeaturenew2016-11-28Shutdown PC at finish dowload
  normal000161911   Enhancementfeaturenew2016-11-19Files downloaded from servers that don't report file size
  high0001662     Bugmajornew2016-11-17Chrono tries to open .pdf files with Chrome's Built-In PDF Viewer, even when disabled.
  normal0001661     New Featureminornew2016-11-15Is it possible to remove the limitation of total numbers of download tasks?
  urgent0001660     Bugmajornew2016-11-14file name conflict, choose unify, when conflicted file name exceed 100, the automatic renaming will not work.
  normal0001659     Bugminornew2016-11-05命名规则 rename rules
  immediate00016361    Bugcrashnew2016-11-03Bug in 0.9.3
  normal00016581    Bugminornew2016-10-312 issues
  normal0001657  1 Bugminornew2016-10-07[0.9.3] 嗅探资源时, 在 "任务属性" 标签页, "命名" 输入框无法填写内容
  normal0001656     Bugminornew2016-09-30Chrono 0.9.3 Issue with FTP files
  high0000064811 New Featuremajoracknowledged2016-09-30How to change default download Folder
  high00016551 1 Bugmajornew2016-09-27弹窗和下载管理器中均无法显示任务列表
  high0001654     Enhancementmajornew2016-09-20HTML5视频
  normal0001653     Bugminornew2016-09-17batch descriptor doesnt work
  high0001652     New Featuremajornew2016-09-15Force Start a download when there are files in queue
  immediate0000095     Bugmajornew2016-09-12Network Failed error - cannot resume
  high0001651     Bugmajornew2016-09-08one click download doesn't work at all
  normal0001648     Bugminornew2016-08-25High CPU Usage with no Downloads running
  immediate0001647     Enhancementminornew2016-08-23Chrono Sniffer does not pick up srcset image URLs
  normal0001646     Bugminornew2016-08-21Failed download of Unknown Origin Shown as Complete in Chrono Download Manager
  high0001645     Enhancementmajornew2016-08-19How to Resume Interrupted Download in Chrome by Chrome itself?
  high0001644     Bugmajornew2016-08-15Downloads web pages instead of files
  urgent0001643     Bugmajornew2016-07-31why files permanently delete!!!,
  normal0001642  1 Bugmajornew2016-07-210.93 fail to resume download
  normal00016411    Bugminornew2016-07-09Second download prompt for the same file
  normal000005011   New Featurefeaturenew2016-07-02Checksum Checker
  normal0001640     Bugminornew2016-06-27Flash Games on Facebook not work properly
  immediate0001639     Enhancementmajornew2016-06-15Flashing Ads & Seizures
  normal0001638     New Featureminornew2016-06-14Auto-remember directories from "Save image as ..." by domain
  high0001637     Bugmajornew2016-06-10get that flashing as off
  high0001635     Bugtrivialnew2016-06-03If URL contains ~ (Tilde) image filename can't be renamed
  normal00016341 1 Bugtrivialnew2016-05-23Incorrect column header text in table view (translation error)
  normal0001633     New Featurefeaturenew2016-05-22Extend File Sniffer to multiple tabs
  normal0001632     Bugminornew2016-05-22when using the add new task button (+) URL with an underscore in there sub-domain are falsy recognised as invalid url
  normal0001631     Enhancementminornew2016-05-19Sort download queue
  normal0001630     Bugminornew2016-05-19Download server limit is not respected
  normal0001629     Bugmajornew2016-05-19Prematurely completed downloads are not recognised


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