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    PID Monitors Notes Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  immediate00017051 1 Bugmajornew2017-05-25DANGEROUS AD PARTNERS!
  immediate0001639     Enhancementmajornew2017-05-25Flashing Ads & Seizures
  normal000005011   New Featurefeaturenew2017-05-25Checksum Checker
  immediate0001647     Enhancementminornew2017-05-25Chrono Sniffer does not pick up srcset image URLs
  high0001652 1   New Featuremajorclosed2017-05-25Force Start a download when there are files in queue
  normal0001657 11 Bugminornew2017-05-25[0.9.3] 嗅探资源时, 在 "任务属性" 标签页, "命名" 输入框无法填写内容
  normal0001663     New Featurefeaturenew2017-05-25Shutdown PC at finish dowload
  high0001666 1   Bugmajorclosed2017-05-25Program asks to save each file individually
  normal0001669 1   New Featurefeaturefeedback2017-05-25Opening a file by clicking the notification for the finished download
  high000011612   New Featureminorfeedback2017-05-25Enable choose multiple images with SHIFT
  high000165011   Bugmajoracknowledged2017-05-25One-Click Download doesn't respect network rules
  normal0001674 1   Enhancementfeatureclosed2017-05-25Disable or whitelist filetypes for "This file could harm your computer" warning
  normal0001685  1 New Featurefeaturenew2017-05-25a new feature to limit download speed
  normal0001695     New Featureminorclosed2017-05-25...
  normal0001699 21 Bugminornew2017-05-25同時下載數量設定為20,但仍然只能下載6個檔案(Product Version 0.9.3)
  normal0001698 1   Bugminorresolved2017-05-25How to get rid of notification popup
  low0001710     Enhancementfeaturenew2017-05-25Sniffer, have a quick-start button when only downloading one item
  low0001709     Enhancementfeaturenew2017-05-25Selecting items in sniffer - make target bigger
  normal0001711     Bugminornew2017-05-20phpMyAdmin export bug with Chrome Download Manager
  normal0001707  1 Bugminornew2017-05-17Bad text padding in grid view
  normal0001706     Bugmajornew2017-05-15Changes the file name to "videoplayback"
  normal0001694 1   Bugmajornew2017-05-14Lost ordering
  normal00000701    Bugminorresolved (devj)2017-05-14Notifications not closed after clicking
  high000003012   Enhancementfeatureclosed2017-05-14Set latest save folder by default in the folder select dialog
  high00000641311 New Featuremajoracknowledged2017-05-14How to change default download Folder
  high0001704     New Featureminornew2017-05-14Pre Download position at the last download location
  high0001703  1 Bugmajornew2017-05-12Chrono not opening correctly half of the times on macOS
  normal00016971 2 Enhancementminornew2017-04-25有關進度條顯示
  low0001696     Enhancementfeaturenew2017-04-21Limit number of downloads either by URL or Referrer TLD
  normal0001693     Bugminornew2017-04-10Chrono Tries to Download CFM files.
  urgent000012111   New Featuremajornew2017-03-31Last used download folder is not remembered!
  normal0001689     New Featuretweaknew2017-03-220.9.3 doesn't allow the user to copy the URLs of the dowloads.
  normal0001688     New Featurefeaturenew2017-03-20Export to Aria2
  normal0001687     Bugmajornew2017-03-18File not downloaded fully
  immediate00016771    Bugblocknew2017-02-13093version 最新的chrome版本 不生效
  high00016791    Enhancementtweaknew2017-02-12Change date of downloaded file
  normal0001676     Bugmajornew2017-01-270.9.3 speed not shown
  normal0001673     Bugminornew2017-01-23Cannot find downloads
  high00000151    New Featurefeatureresolved (devj)2017-01-09Automatically clear tasks
  normal0001672     Bugmajornew2017-01-09Failed download on 3G connection Shown as Complete in Chrono Download Manager
  normal0001670  1 Bugmajornew2017-01-03Download History won't show & Manager cannot be accessed.
  normal0001665     Bugminornew2016-12-04Downloads empty files from Fosshub Audacity site.
  normal000161011   Bugfeaturenew2016-12-02One-click download not working and dy_taskfilter Bad expression error
  high0001664     Bugcrashnew2016-12-01computer locks
  high0001662     Bugmajornew2016-11-17Chrono tries to open .pdf files with Chrome's Built-In PDF Viewer, even when disabled.
  immediate00016361    Bugcrashnew2016-11-03Bug in 0.9.3
  normal00016581    Bugminornew2016-10-312 issues
  normal0001656     Bugminornew2016-09-30Chrono 0.9.3 Issue with FTP files
  high00016551 1 Bugmajornew2016-09-27弹窗和下载管理器中均无法显示任务列表
  high0001654     Enhancementmajornew2016-09-20HTML5视频


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