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    PID Monitors Notes Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  immediate0000095     Bugmajornew2016-09-12Network Failed error - cannot resume
  normal0001648     Bugminornew2016-08-25High CPU Usage with no Downloads running
  normal0001646     Bugminornew2016-08-21Failed download of Unknown Origin Shown as Complete in Chrono Download Manager
  high0001645     Enhancementmajornew2016-08-19How to Resume Interrupted Download in Chrome by Chrome itself?
  urgent0001643     Bugmajornew2016-07-31why files permanently delete!!!,
  normal0001642  1 Bugmajornew2016-07-210.93 fail to resume download
  normal0001640     Bugminornew2016-06-27Flash Games on Facebook not work properly
  normal0001638     New Featureminornew2016-06-14Auto-remember directories from "Save image as ..." by domain
  high0001637     Bugmajornew2016-06-10get that flashing as off
  normal0001631     Enhancementminornew2016-05-19Sort download queue
  normal0001629     Bugmajornew2016-05-19Prematurely completed downloads are not recognised
  normal0001625     Bugblocknew2016-05-14一旦暂停 再继续下载很快就提示下载完成,但实际没有下载完成,下载不全
  normal0001622  1 Enhancementtrivialnew2016-05-06希望能优化一下下载进度提示框
  normal0001621  1 New Featurefeaturenew2016-05-04Ability to change toolbar icon
  normal0001618     Enhancementmajornew2016-04-20PC sleeps while download is on
  high0001617     Enhancementminornew2016-04-15Remembering file save location when restarting a download after a network error
  normal0001614     Enhancementminornew2016-04-09GUI, Accessibility
  high0001613     Bugmajornew2016-04-09Unable to resume downloads
  high0001609     New Featurefeaturenew2016-03-16Autostart paused DL after finishing previous DL
  normal0001606     Bugmajornew2016-02-24pop up doesn't close (same as 0000070)
  immediate0001605     Bugmajornew2016-02-21Download Folder
  normal0000350     Bugminornew2016-02-13文件名冲突设置无效
  normal0000147     Enhancementminornew2016-02-12Network Failure - Why not anle to pick where left off?
  normal0000146     Enhancementminornew2016-02-12Network Failure - Why not anle to pick where left off?
  normal0000119     Bugminornew2016-02-03当多个连接同时下载,下载完并行列表之后,不再装载列表。
  normal0000115     Bugminornew2016-02-02Cannot Sign In To Translation Service
  urgent00001071    Enhancementmajornew2016-01-30请取消或增加同时运行任务数(尤其是 每个服务器连接限制)!
  high000010811   Bugmajornew2016-01-30【错误中断 (NETWORK_FAILED)】的任务无法重试或重新开始
  low00001121    Enhancementtrivialnew2016-01-30希望可以重新下载
  urgent0000100     Bugmajornew2016-01-29無法
  immediate0000036  1 Bugmajornew2016-01-29Why the fuck thus chrono keeps failing to download a file completely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  high0000104     Enhancementmajornew2016-01-28Download dialog allways opens download folder
  high0000103     New Featuremajornew2016-01-24q
  high00000991 1 Bugcrashnew2016-01-23下载管理器无法下载
  high0000098     Bugcrashnew2016-01-17下载管理器无法下载
  urgent0000096 1   Enhancementminornew2016-01-15Where can I see the target location?
  normal0000093     Bugminornew2016-01-12下载P站图片失败
  normal0000092     New Featureminornew2016-01-09列表文件右键菜单缺少啊
  normal0000091     Enhancementfeaturenew2016-01-06Expand filters to have a default save directory
  normal0000090     Bugmajornew2016-01-05Downloads cap at 2gb
  normal0000088  1 New Featureminornew2016-01-05Colore barra downoad completato
  normal0000087     New Featureminornew2016-01-05Colore barra downoad completato
  high0000086     Enhancementmajornew2016-01-03Possibility to set download location or get last location path
  normal0000083     Bugmajornew2015-12-31files not visible in index
  high0000081     Bugmajornew2015-12-30can not get rid of download manager
  normal00000341 2 Bugminorfeedback (admin)2015-12-27自定义规则中使用*page_title*做子目录失败
  high0000082     Enhancementmajornew2015-12-25no automatic continuation of interrupted downloads
  high0000079     New Featuremajornew2015-12-16撥放影片時可彈出視窗播放
  normal0000078     Enhancementmajornew2015-12-15Block downloading for certain URL:s
  urgent0000077     Bugfeaturenew2015-12-15Download progress & time remaining not updating


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