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    PID Monitors Notes Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  normal00000371    New Featurefeatureacknowledged2018-02-07非常好用,希望能再加上限速
  normal0001775     Bugtextnew2018-02-06translate bug
  normal0001770     Bugmajornew2018-02-05Chrono Keeps Loading
  normal00017741    New Featureminornew2018-01-28希望增加更改文件連結的功能
  high00017731    Bugminornew2018-01-25Не сохраняется последнее место скачивания файла
  normal0001745 12 Bugmajornew2018-01-24click button on toolbar, a drop-down list will display, with only "Open Manager" button.
  high0001755     New Featurefeaturenew2018-01-20Bulk link downloader
  normal0001771     Bugminornew2018-01-16批量下载一次一天假多少条url?
  high000002872   New Featurefeatureassigned (devj)2018-01-11New multi-threaded download engine
  immediate0001769     Enhancementmajornew2018-01-07Download a file from URL every midnight
  normal00017372 1 New Featurefeaturenew2018-01-05Ability to change the text color of the Manager
  high0001768     Bugminornew2017-12-30无法打开管理界面
  normal0001767     New Featurecrashnew2017-12-27ERRO NO REINÍCIO DO DOWNLOAD
  normal0001766     Bugcrashnew2017-12-26cannot leave page
  normal0001765     Bugtextnew2017-12-26Error translation into the Russian language
  normal0001764     New Featurefeaturenew2017-12-11Looking for a download manager that shows the different hashes of the file post download. MD5, SHA256 etc..
  normal0001763     Enhancementmajornew2017-12-08Add selection button in Download window to change (number of) notifications
  normal0001760     New Featureminornew2017-11-24keyboard shortcut to close Chrome's Download shelf
  normal00017592    New Featureminornew2017-11-17Сохранение выбора папки для загрузки
  normal0001762     Enhancementminornew2017-11-15Add regex matches to allow file names to be modified.
  normal0001761     Bugminornew2017-11-11Setting naming mask to *url* results in fake downloading and empty folders
  normal000002521   Enhancementfeatureclosed2017-11-03Return or Duplicate button Clear Tasks to Download Manager Page
  immediate00017541    New Featuremajornew2017-10-20Увличение колва макс соединений при загрузке
  normal0001757     Bugtweaknew2017-10-15Fix differences between the two clear tasks icons
  high0001756     New Featurefeaturenew2017-10-14Replaceable download links
  high000161111   Bugmajornew2017-10-09Paused downloads will not resume
  high0001753     Enhancementtweaknew2017-09-28about rename downloaded files
  normal0001752  1 Bugminornew2017-09-28Bug Download
  normal00017511 1 Bugminornew2017-09-18Can't download images from Whatsapp web
  high0001667 21 Bugmajornew2017-09-12Download icon renders as HTML
  normal0001750     Enhancementminornew2017-09-07Disable animations
  normal0001749  1 New Featurefeaturenew2017-09-07Enable automatic file opening
  high0001748     New Featureminornew2017-09-05Add a feature which create Folder for each batch Url
  normal0001747     Bugminornew2017-09-05adding rule failed, creating FAQ question failed.
  high0001746     Enhancementminornew2017-09-04希望可以添加记住上次使用目录的功能
  normal0001744     Enhancementmajornew2017-08-16"Remove file from disk" considered harmful
  normal0001743     Enhancementminornew2017-08-14How to use batch descriptor as naming mask of downloaded file name?
  high0001742  1 Enhancementtweaknew2017-08-08No way to disable Pop-Up image that signals a file was added
  normal0001741     Bugfeaturenew2017-08-04One-Click Download Does Not Work
  high0001740     Bugmajornew2017-08-03Download ends before complete
  high0001739     Enhancementfeaturenew2017-08-02Sniffer- missing basic option "Copy URL To Clipboard"
  normal0001738     Bugcrashnew2017-07-13'URIError: URI malformed' for filenames with percent character
  high0001735 1   New Featurefeaturenew2017-07-06Enable Meta4 support for downloads
  high0001736     New Featurefeaturenew2017-07-06Enable Meta4 support for downloads
  high0001734     New Featurefeaturenew2017-07-06Enable Meta4 support for downloads
  high0001733     New Featurefeaturenew2017-07-06Enable Meta4 support for downloads
  high0001732     Enhancementmajornew2017-06-28Chrono prevents the proper operation of the chrome download
  normal0001731     Bugminornew2017-06-28Doesn't show Download Speed on unkwon File Size
  normal00017282 1 Bugminornew2017-06-23The Sniffer page is clipped with > 100% page zoom
  immediate0001730  1 Bugblocknew2017-06-23cant load download information


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