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    PID Monitors Notes Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  normal0001856     Bugmajornew2018-11-09Uniquify don't process more than 100 URL
  normal0001855  1 Bugminornew2018-11-01Chrono can not work with Chrome canary 72.0.3598.0
  high0001853     Enhancementmajornew2018-10-12右键"一键下载该链接"提到主菜单
  normal0001852     Enhancementmajornew2018-10-12增加两个选项: 失败的下载:自动恢复下载, 自动重新下载
  high0001849 11 Enhancementmajornew2018-10-12finish effect Obstruct Click
  normal0001851     Bugtweaknew2018-10-09Notification Keeps popping Up after closing
  normal0001848     Bugmajornew2018-10-02Filenames with embedded "/" characters (%2F) cause subfolders to be created
  high0001847     Enhancementfeaturenew2018-09-26One-click download should never be put in the sub-menu
  high0001846     Enhancementminornew2018-09-26希望可以增加快速选择保存位置的功能
  normal0001845     Bugminornew2018-09-21Save As Window Pop Up
  immediate0001843     Bugmajornew2018-09-20descargas se cancelan por tiempo de espera
  high0001842     Bugcrashnew2018-09-19Random crash of chromium based browser Vivaldi after PC restart.
  normal0001841     Enhancementminornew2018-09-19主界面希望能够加入右键的设定啊
  low0001840     Bugminornew2018-09-05repetitive pop-up notifications
  normal0001839     Enhancementminornew2018-09-05功能增强
  normal0001838     Bugminornew2018-08-31Vivaldi browser overwrite file-mask from rule-system
  normal0001837     Bugminornew2018-08-29Doesnt show b/s when downloading file
  normal0001836     Enhancementminornew2018-08-27Automatic cleanup: don't trigger a cleanup task if list is empty (also don't show 60-second message)
  normal000179012   Bugminornew2018-08-27The completed download notification window no longer appears after download begins and/or completes
  immediate0001835     Bugminornew2018-08-24左下角显示的多少项的数字比实际的任务数少1,请Fix
  high0001834     Bugmajornew2018-08-22Desktop Notification no longer fires
  normal00018321    Enhancementminornew2018-08-17Is it possible to download file name and file volume?
  normal000010511   Enhancementminornew2018-08-17naming mask enhancement
  normal0001833  1 Enhancementminornew2018-08-17I would like to do so only if the file name is duplicated.
  high0001712     Enhancementfeatureresolved (admin)2018-08-15Materialize Manager page
  normal0001831     Bugmajornew2018-08-12Wrong calculation of download rate when download size is unknown
  low0001829     Enhancementminornew2018-08-09Drag and drop files from the download list
  high0001828     Bugtrivialnew2018-08-09You're ask for help with translation in English, when UI in Russian.
  normal0000066     Enhancementtextresolved (devj)2018-08-08Add translation for Traditional Chinese
  normal0001827     New Featureminornew2018-08-08Add support to copy multiple download links to clipboard or export
  normal0001826     New Featureminornew2018-08-08Add magnet link capture
  normal0001825  1 Bugminornew2018-08-05下载好的种子文件,在下载器中点击打开,提示如下信息
  normal0001824     Bugmajornew2018-08-03右下角弹出窗口无法关闭
  urgent00018171 1 Enhancementmajornew2018-07-30Make download list more condenced, remove extra air
  normal0001822     Enhancementtweaknew2018-07-30More options for theme selection
  normal0001821     Bugminornew2018-07-30don't open "gestore"
  urgent0001820     Bugmajornew2018-07-28使用描述符进行批量下载时有问题
  normal0001819     Bugminornew2018-07-27请问怎么关闭定时清除任务跳出来的提示
  normal0001818     Enhancementfeaturenew2018-07-24Enable Alt+C keyboard shortcut to clear all finished/canceled downloads from list
  urgent0001816     Bugmajornew2018-07-23Progress window cannot be closed
  normal0001815  1 Bugminornew2018-07-21Popup window - 'Clear Tasks' - keeps showing up
  normal0001814     Enhancementminornew2018-07-20Rename
  normal0001678     Enhancementfeatureassigned (devj)2018-07-18Save column widths
  high00018052    Bugblocknew2018-07-18every time i download exe file it will be blocked
  normal0001804     Enhancementtrivialnew2018-07-17媒体嗅探器下载文件名乱码
  normal00016341 1 Bugtrivialresolved (admin)2018-07-17Incorrect column header text in table view (translation error)
  normal0001812     Bugminornew2018-07-14notification keeps redrawing after dismissed
  normal0001811     Bugminornew2018-07-13can't close black popup on window
  normal0001810     Bugtweaknew2018-07-13Please allow font changes
  normal0001809     Bugtweaknew2018-07-13I have a popup that shows me every-time the list of "completed" tasks are being removed


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