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    PID Monitors Notes Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  normal000161911   Enhancementfeaturenew2017-05-25Files downloaded from servers that don't report file size
  high0001682  1 Enhancementmajornew2017-05-25expect to have the "delete"->"Yes, also remove file(s)" in the small downloading window(in the right-down corner of the screen)
  high0001681 1   Enhancementmajorclosed2017-05-25expect to have the "delete"->"Yes, also remove file(s)" in the small downloading window(in the right-down corner of the screen)
  high0001680 1   Enhancementmajorclosed2017-05-25expect to have the "delete"->"Yes, also remove file(s)" in the small downloading window(in the right-down corner of the screen)
  normal0001653 1   Bugminorclosed2017-05-25batch descriptor doesnt work
  urgent0001660     Bugmajornew2017-05-25file name conflict, choose unify, when conflicted file name exceed 100, the automatic renaming will not work.
  high0001644     Bugmajorclosed2017-05-25Downloads web pages instead of files
  normal0000080  1 Enhancementminorclosed2017-05-25重复
  normal0000075     Enhancementtrivialnew2017-05-25提取不了音频
  normal0000045     New Featureminorresolved2017-05-25Add option to auto-recycle when successfully complete
  none0000049     New Featuremajornew2017-05-25下载图 没有尺寸限制设置很遗憾
  normal0000052     New Featurefeaturenew2017-05-25Option to keep PC awake for downloads in queue
  urgent0000054     New Featurefeaturenew2017-05-25Please add a scheduler so that we can download during the night, I have limited data and most of it is available 2-8 am.
  normal0000089 21 Enhancementmajorclosed2017-05-25I'm confirm download for dangerous popup each time can you provide option to opt out this popup message?
  normal0000097 1   Bugminornew2017-05-25Doesn't remember the download folder!
  normal00001101    Enhancementtrivialnew2017-05-25主界面缺少部分功能入口
  low00001091    New Featurefeaturenew2017-05-25希望在已完成和下载中列表使用不同的双击操作
  high0001604 1   Bugmajorclosed2017-05-25Cant view Thumbnails
  normal0001612 1   New Featureminorclosed2017-05-25建议在资源嗅探器加入批量重命名
  normal0001615     New Featuremajornew2017-05-25Bandwidth Allocation
  high0001616     Enhancementfeaturenew2017-05-25Automatically resuming downloads when NETWORK_FAILED error
  high0001623     Bugmajorclosed2017-05-25文件名冲突唯一化时,超过100个文件则失效
  normal0001659     Bugminorclosed2017-05-25命名规则 rename rules
  low0001624     Enhancementtweaknew2017-05-25直接复制嗅探到资源的地址
  immediate0001620 22 New Featuretweakclosed2017-05-25choose the location for different type of download
  low0001627  1 New Featureminornew2017-05-25Display 'average speed' in my task list
  normal0001630     Bugminornew2017-05-25Download server limit is not respected
  normal0001633     New Featurefeaturenew2017-05-25Extend File Sniffer to multiple tabs
  immediate00017051 1 Bugmajornew2017-05-25DANGEROUS AD PARTNERS!
  immediate0001639     Enhancementmajornew2017-05-25Flashing Ads & Seizures
  normal000005011   New Featurefeaturenew2017-05-25Checksum Checker
  immediate0001647     Enhancementminornew2017-05-25Chrono Sniffer does not pick up srcset image URLs
  high0001652 1   New Featuremajorclosed2017-05-25Force Start a download when there are files in queue
  normal0001657 11 Bugminornew2017-05-25[0.9.3] 嗅探资源时, 在 "任务属性" 标签页, "命名" 输入框无法填写内容
  normal0001663     New Featurefeaturenew2017-05-25Shutdown PC at finish dowload
  high0001666 1   Bugmajorclosed2017-05-25Program asks to save each file individually
  normal0001669 1   New Featurefeaturefeedback2017-05-25Opening a file by clicking the notification for the finished download
  high000011612   New Featureminorfeedback2017-05-25Enable choose multiple images with SHIFT
  high000165011   Bugmajoracknowledged2017-05-25One-Click Download doesn't respect network rules
  normal0001674 1   Enhancementfeatureclosed2017-05-25Disable or whitelist filetypes for "This file could harm your computer" warning
  normal0001685  1 New Featurefeaturenew2017-05-25a new feature to limit download speed
  normal0001695     New Featureminorclosed2017-05-25...
  normal0001699 21 Bugminornew2017-05-25同時下載數量設定為20,但仍然只能下載6個檔案(Product Version 0.9.3)
  normal0001698 1   Bugminorresolved2017-05-25How to get rid of notification popup
  low0001710     Enhancementfeaturenew2017-05-25Sniffer, have a quick-start button when only downloading one item
  low0001709     Enhancementfeaturenew2017-05-25Selecting items in sniffer - make target bigger
  normal0001711     Bugminornew2017-05-20phpMyAdmin export bug with Chrome Download Manager
  normal0001707  1 Bugminornew2017-05-17Bad text padding in grid view
  normal0001706     Bugmajornew2017-05-15Changes the file name to "videoplayback"
  normal0001694 1   Bugmajornew2017-05-14Lost ordering


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