Scheduled For Release 2021-03-01
0001630: [Bug] Download server limit is not respected
0001709: [Enhancement] Selecting items in sniffer - make target bigger
0001647: [Enhancement] Chrono Sniffer does not pick up srcset image URLs
0001657: [Bug] [0.9.3] 嗅探资源时, 在 "任务属性" 标签页, "命名" 输入框无法填写内容
0000027: [Bug] Chrome download notification doesn't disappear
0001660: [Bug] file name conflict, choose unify, when conflicted file name exceed 100, the automatic renaming will not work.
0001661: [New Feature] Is it possible to remove the limitation of total numbers of download tasks?
0001667: [Bug] Download icon renders as HTML
0001624: [Enhancement] 直接复制嗅探到资源的地址
0000049: [New Feature] 下载图 没有尺寸限制设置很遗憾
0000109: [New Feature] 希望在已完成和下载中列表使用不同的双击操作
0000110: [Enhancement] 主界面缺少部分功能入口
0000075: [Enhancement] 提取不了音频
0000102: [Enhancement] Group notifications every 2 seconds
0001619: [Enhancement] Files downloaded from servers that don't report file size
0001682: [Enhancement] expect to have the "delete"->"Yes, also remove file(s)" in the small downloading window(in the right-down corner of the screen)
0000105: [Enhancement] naming mask enhancement
0000106: [Bug] 新建任务不服从“每个服务器连接限制”配置
0001628: [Bug] Duplicate URLs in queues are not identified
0001678: [Enhancement] Save column widths (devj)
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