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0000114Chrono Download ManagerBugpublic2018-07-11 22:05
Reporteranonymous Assigned Toadmin  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformDesktopOSWindowsOS Version10
Product Version0.9.2 
Target Version0.10.0Fixed in Version0.10.0 
Summary0000114: Skip (and pause/cancel) setting for file name conflict is ignored
DescriptionBoth the setting skip and cancel as well as skip and pause are ignored if the download location is changed by the rule system.
Steps To Reproducea) set "When filename conflicts" to "skip and pause" or "skip and ignore"
b) add and activate a rule with "condition" --> "*url*.has("<use any url>.com")" naming mask -->"<use any folder>/*name*.*ext*"
c) download file two times --> file is not skipped, but renamed

Remark: option "prompt" works
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Chrome Version48.0.2564.97




2016-02-27 08:15

reporter   ~0000367

I can confirm Skip and Cancel does not work. Instead it will Uniquify the file instead.

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