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0001619Chrono Download ManagerEnhancementpublic2020-12-28 21:29
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Summary0001619: Files downloaded from servers that don't report file size
DescriptionSome files I have to download from time to time are on servers that apparently don't report the file size to the client. Some of these are really big files. I'd like to suggest adding a field where users can enter the size of the file which is used only for the purpose of estimating time to finish downloading. That's the only purpose it would have, but it would give us a reasonable estimate.

Because unit sizes are vague and could be wrong by some factor of 10^3/2^10, and because sometimes the user will see that a file is 845 MB or 845 MiB or 2.6GB or 2.6GiB, the user should be able to select between these units on the fly.
Steps To ReproduceFind a server that doesn't report file sizes. Size is listed as 0 and the user has no ETA.
Chrome Version51.0.2704.22 beta-m (64-bit)




2016-11-19 22:59

reporter   ~0000375

This can be reproduced by trying to download something from Google Drive.

The current speed is displayed correctly, but the size shoes "0B" and the time estimation is 99 days.

The ideal solution would be to get the size somehow, but if that's not possible, at least show "unknown" in the size and time remaining boxes.

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