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0001681Chrono Download ManagerEnhancementpublic2017-05-25 17:35
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PlatformDesktopOSWindowsOS Version7
Product Version0.9.2 
Summary0001681: expect to have the "delete"->"Yes, also remove file(s)" in the small downloading window(in the right-down corner of the screen)
DescriptionHi Team,
    total 2 points, but mainly 1 point:
    1stly, the Product Version is 0.9.3, but currently when i try to choose, there's upmost 0.9.2, so it's expected to add this version;
    2ndly(which is mainly):
    as the Upload File<1_20170213222050.png> shows, it's one of the ongoing tasks which is normal being downloading, while it comes the issue: sometimes in the website(s), i didn't expect to download via this method, bcz the download speed is slow, and it can't be resumed if interrupted most of the time, which is the 2 main reasons i prefer IDM(Internet Download Manager) in this kind of scenario, but on the other hand, the download via IDM can ONLY be triggered AFTER the download via Chronodownloader, so the 1st time of download is expected to be cancelled/deleted, just the function as i pointed out in the Upload File<2_20170213225026.png>, i know the "delete" function is available currently, but it need me to click at least 4 times[close the small window, choose the target file, and click red cross, finally click the "Yes, also remove file(s)"], so it's expected adding the "Yes, also remove file(s)" function here(no need to click 1 more time to confirm here) in the small downloading popup window;

hope you can follow my thoughts here, Thanks for consideration. :-)
Steps To Reproduce1. download 1 file(maybe a bit longer than the small text file);
2. try to cancel this download;
3. expect: don't have to click at least 4 times to delete/remove the downloading file;
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2017-02-13 09:24

reporter   ~0000380

firstly i upload a .zip file which contain both of my screenshots, but the system don't allow to upload a .zip file(later then only i know that), so the page stuck bcz of that; so i play around with the page, then i don't know it's already created but without the file(s) uploaded. so here maybe can be optimised a bit[e.g: the reporter can delete the ticket(s) created by himself/herself, or, the page support more than 1 screenshot, or support .zip file format, etc].

so this ticket can be closed, thanks.

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