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0001638Chrono Download ManagerNew Featurepublic2016-06-14 02:06
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Summary0001638: Auto-remember directories from "Save image as ..." by domain
DescriptionFirefox did this and I loved it, and I was hoping Chrono would do it too.

If the purpose is unclear. I like to have the images I save from websites in folders ordered by website. Like all images from imgur go to one folder and it's subfolders, while all images from deviantart go to another folder and it's subfolders.

So if the "Save image as ..." Function could use as default directory the one that was last used for this domain, that would be great. But if it would be possible to also edit this manually and lock it for specific domains, that would be totaly awsome.

The purpose of the "manual edit and lock" being, that I could set the "default" folder for images from imgur, but when I save an infographic I can just got to the "infographics" subfolder with one click, save it there, and next time I save something off imgur I start in the default folder again.

If you have any more questions about this idea, feel free to contact me.
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