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0001967Chrono Download ManagerEnhancementpublic2023-01-17 22:22
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PlatformwindowsOSwindowsOS Version11
Product Version0.11.1 
Summary0001967: In the CDM screen, please provide tooltips on the "file name" field to show the full name of the file
DescriptionOften the name of the downloaded file is too long, and therefore the "Filename" column in the CDM screen is unable to show the full name.

The only way to see the full name is to drag the right-hand side border of this column to widen it.

But this disturbs the entire table. The user has to adjust the width of all columns all over again.

Instead of this tedious method, it would be great to have tooltips.
If the user hovers his mouse on any task, the tooltip should show the details.
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Chrome VersionBrave 1.47.171 Chromium: 109.0.5414.87 (Official Build) (64-bit)




2023-01-17 22:22

reporter   ~0000463

BTW if the file name is long, even the "Slide in details" panel is unable to show the entire name.
Therefore the only way to see the whole file name is a tooltip.

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