0001901: [Bug] Folder (admin)
0001905: [Bug] 下载时弹出的对话框里显示chrono本身的文件下载地址,然后等一两秒再出现真实地址 (admin)
0001903: [Bug] non-savable folder notification (admin)
0001904: [Bug] Get warning from Chrono when download every time (admin)
0001908: [New Feature] Unable to save file directly to the selected download folder (admin)
0001909: [Bug] When batch downloading URLs, the last 3 get stuck at 0% downloading (admin)
0001913: [Bug] Downloading a file with default folder C:\users\xx\desktop\ chrono TXT message (admin)
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0001886: [Bug] Chrono Download Manager is not available in the Chrome Web Store
0001888: [Bug] chrono download manager is no longer available on chrome web store
0001887: [Bug] Chrono Download Manager is not available in the Chrome Web Store
0001899: [Bug] Chrono Downloader Not Available in Google Chrome Webstore
0001896: [Bug] chromechrome网上商店不存在
0001890: [Bug] chrome 网上应用店 缺失
0000121: [New Feature] Last used download folder is not remembered! (admin)
0001605: [Bug] Download Folder (admin)
0001858: [New Feature] download path (admin)
0001869: [Enhancement] Unable to record the last download path (admin)
0001874: [Enhancement] How to let my computer memorise the last saved folder? (admin)
0001704: [New Feature] Pre Download position at the last download location (admin)
0001865: [Bug] Unable to open files with popup drop down menu (admin)
0001866: [Bug] Cannot open file by clicking item. (admin)
0001867: [Bug] cannot open files via the manager (admin)
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0001721: [Enhancement] Add translation for Portuguese(Portugal) (admin)
0001723: [Enhancement] Add translation for Swedish (admin)
0001712: [Enhancement] Materialize Manager page (admin)
0001634: [Bug] Incorrect column header text in table view (translation error) (admin)
0001608: [Bug] "One-Click Download the Image..." has stopped working (devj)
0001626: [Bug] Incorrect text about download time (admin)
0001641: [Bug] Second download prompt for the same file (admin)
0000024: [Enhancement] Add translation for Korean (admin)
0000085: [Bug] Mistyped Russian translation of a download category (admin)
0000114: [Bug] Skip (and pause/cancel) setting for file name conflict is ignored (admin)
0001635: [Bug] If URL contains ~ (Tilde) image filename can't be renamed (admin)
0001717: [Enhancement] Add translation for Bulgarian (admin)
0001713: [Enhancement] Materialize Downloads List (admin)
0001718: [Enhancement] Add translation for Czech (admin)
0001719: [Enhancement] Add translation for Dutch (admin)
0001720: [Enhancement] Add translation for Hungarian (admin)
0001722: [Enhancement] Add translation for Slovak (admin)
0001724: [Enhancement] Add translation for Vietnamese (admin)
0001651: [Bug] one click download doesn't work at all (admin)
0001686: [Bug] One Click download dead (devj)
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0000025: [Enhancement] Return or Duplicate button Clear Tasks to Download Manager Page
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0000066: [Enhancement] Add translation for Traditional Chinese (devj)
0000023: [Enhancement] Add translation for Japanese (devj)
0000068: [New Feature] Download complete sound way too loud (devj)
0000045: [New Feature] Add option to auto-recycle when successfully complete
0000070: [Bug] Notifications not closed after clicking (devj)
0000067: [Enhancement] Option for changing UI font size (devj)
0000071: [Enhancement] Change notification sounds (devj)
0000057: [Enhancement] Add translation for Thai (devj)
0000058: [Enhancement] Add translation for Danish (devj)
0000059: [Enhancement] Add translation for Croatian (devj)
0000013: [Enhancement] Add translation for Ukrainian (devj)
0000014: [Enhancement] Add translation for Italian (devj)
0000022: [Enhancement] Add translation for Spanish(Spain) (devj)
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0000005: [New Feature] Browser toolbar icon animation (devj)
0000015: [New Feature] Automatically clear tasks (devj)
0000009: [Enhancement] Add translation for German (devj)
0000012: [Enhancement] Add translation for Polish (devj)
0000007: [Enhancement] Add translation for Turkish (devj)
0000008: [Enhancement] Add translation for Portuguese(Brazil) (devj)
0000010: [Enhancement] Add translation for Spanish(Latin America) (devj)
0000011: [Enhancement] Add translation for Indonesian (devj)
0000006: [Enhancement] Add translation for Russian (devj)
0000019: [Enhancement] Add translation for Norwegian (devj)
0000020: [Enhancement] Add translation for French (devj)
0000021: [Enhancement] Add translation for Finnish (devj)
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